Public Health Club Nairobi

The Public Health Club is a club at the College of Health Sciences – Kenyatta hospital, comprising of students drawn from the respective clinical years 3rd- 6th interested in Public Health issues. We have a membership of around 60

strong like-minded individuals, keen to use their medical knowledge to make changes in our society. The club is organized into task forces, each focusing on a different topic.


Current Leaders of PHC:


President  –  Nikita Muthuuri

Bubbly student doctor and lover of life. Medical research and global health enthusiast. Holds that cross-cultural interactions are key to creating global solutions. Enjoys stimulating conversations and warm weather.



External affairs officer  –  Hamza Khawaja

My name is Hamza Khawaja a 4th Year Medical Student at the University of Nairobi. An aspiring student doctor and public health advocate. I spend my time taking my passion to purpose through charity & medical outreach camps that sustainably educate the population and cater for their necessities. I am a strong advocate for global partnerships of combined interests to create a better tomorrow for humanity.