Global Ideas Lab

The Global Ideas Lab has been the most recent addition to UFH´s activities and is meant as a thought provoking and experience-sharing event for both local and international students engaged in various topics related to Universal Health Care (UHC). The chosen topics for the first Eventseries were Quality of Care and Antimicrobial Resistance.
The event series provides an alternative means to create discussion and networking opportunities between young emerging and established leaders within a specific topic.

Attendees will gain skills on:
-clinical effectiveness
• Quality of Care
-Advocacy through interactive exercises
-Innovative thinking through skill sharing

Ultimately, we aim to connect a diverse group of next generation thinkers with UHC and UFH and Global Health through stimulating and exciting activities and by specifically focusing on the diverse communication and advocacy tools used to engage young professionals and students in the topics of UHC and Public Health.
This workshop first took place over half a day on March 3rd 2018 and provided participants with a platform to spark innovative thinking and to utilize dynamic interactive exercises to capture reflections from participants.
Participants are carefully invited to create an unique environment with a range of minds representing Kenyatta National Hospital and students from the University of Nairobi (ca 40 Students).
Furthermore we hand pick local and international speakers to provide these talks and help facilitate the teamwork exercises.